Best Tips Movers Packers Noida Used To Pack Jewelry for Moving Safely

Jewelry is one of the most delicate and expensive investments that we make. They are precious to us due to the monetary value and the emotional attachment we have towards it. Movers Packers Noida is here to not just help you secure and shift your precious stones, but also give you tips to pack them before we move.

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  • Use straws for drinking

The easiest way to keep your chains untangled is to use a straw. Slip the chain through one hole and let it go straight to the other side. Tie them up like you fasten it while wearing it and keep them intact.

  • Rolls of toilet paper

If you have thicker chains that won’t glide through thin straws, you can use toilet paper rolls instead. You can use both used and unused toilet paper for fastening both the ends of a necklace or chain through it.

  • Gifting paper

Gifting or wrapping paper can help you secure your chains and bangles once you have packed them up neatly with rolls of toilet paper or straw. It works like soft cushion at the base before we further pack it to secure it completely. Don’t use newspaper as the jewelry can get stained.

Ziploc bags are the best option to keep all the tiny jewelry objects like rings, earrings, and even pendants. You get tiny Ziploc bags that you can dedicate to every piece or pair of jewelry you own. They will be finally packed by us for the finishing.

  • Cardboard pieces

Take a big piece of cardboard and cut them into credit-card sizes. They should all be rectangular in shape. Take a safety pin and poke holes into the cardboard and then attach pairs of earrings to each of the cardboard. This works best for long earrings that can get tangled in a Ziploc bag.

packers movers with cardboard noida

  • Egg cartons

A sturdy egg carton is an appropriate option to place rings. You can store multiple rings one after each other in every egg compartment. Once all of them are in place, you need to take a packing paper or cotton and cover the part like padding materials. Wrap your carton with the plastic wrap so that all the rings are intact.

  • Strong sun glass cases

If you have a strong sun glass case where you don’t store your sunglasses right now, you can make use of it like a ring carrier. You need to wrap each of the rings in a wrapping paper and add protection on it. Place it in your case, which is likely to have a hard shell and that keeps the tiny element intact.

Movers Packers Noida will help you in the best possible way to carry out your expensive jewels from one place to another. We just want you to be aware of these tips so that it makes the process easier on both ends. You could also have us get all of these done under your supervision.